Sunday, February 22, 2009


Even after being gone 18 years I still get very homesick for Mesa. I love the feel of being home. And yes, even after 18 years it's still home. I do not like winter in Salt Lake City. They have INVERSION...the fancy name for pollution. It's just days and days and days of gray. So Rob is usually very willing to let me get away for awhile in the winter. This year Justin was doing his internship there for 8 weeks so I went with him on January 1st and stayed a few days and then I went back with Tiffany and kids for a couple of weeks so they could spend some time with Justin. The weather was wonderful and I got to spend time with family. I was able to see mom almost everyday. Diane and Frank were off their mission so I got to spend time with Diane and see their cute new chihuahua, Sammie. The only bad thing was that I had to bring my work with me and Janet was busy with school so I didn't get to see her very much, but it was a great trip. Here's a few pictures. I don't think to take pictures so most of them are at the zoo. Mom decided to go with us to the zoo so that was a bonus for us. She hadn't been in a few years so she said she wanted to see it one more time. I'm so glad she came! There's nothing better then Family, Sunshine, Citrus & Matta's.....It was great!

Jace in front of Uncle Frank's pond
Jace and Zack

Zack and Preston

Miss Liberty

Jace, Zack and Tiffany
Amy, Liberty and Mom
Kallie, Preston and Lindsey

Amy, Mom and Diane

Jace, Zack and me
Zack, Jace, Preston's back, Kallie at the petting zoo.

Jace on the carousel

Kallie on the carousel

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Danielson Family said...

Thanks for letting me see my beautiful Arizona and the loved ones I have there. I miss it/them too!