Sunday, February 22, 2009


Even after being gone 18 years I still get very homesick for Mesa. I love the feel of being home. And yes, even after 18 years it's still home. I do not like winter in Salt Lake City. They have INVERSION...the fancy name for pollution. It's just days and days and days of gray. So Rob is usually very willing to let me get away for awhile in the winter. This year Justin was doing his internship there for 8 weeks so I went with him on January 1st and stayed a few days and then I went back with Tiffany and kids for a couple of weeks so they could spend some time with Justin. The weather was wonderful and I got to spend time with family. I was able to see mom almost everyday. Diane and Frank were off their mission so I got to spend time with Diane and see their cute new chihuahua, Sammie. The only bad thing was that I had to bring my work with me and Janet was busy with school so I didn't get to see her very much, but it was a great trip. Here's a few pictures. I don't think to take pictures so most of them are at the zoo. Mom decided to go with us to the zoo so that was a bonus for us. She hadn't been in a few years so she said she wanted to see it one more time. I'm so glad she came! There's nothing better then Family, Sunshine, Citrus & Matta's.....It was great!

Jace in front of Uncle Frank's pond
Jace and Zack

Zack and Preston

Miss Liberty

Jace, Zack and Tiffany
Amy, Liberty and Mom
Kallie, Preston and Lindsey

Amy, Mom and Diane

Jace, Zack and me
Zack, Jace, Preston's back, Kallie at the petting zoo.

Jace on the carousel

Kallie on the carousel

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Joslynn Turns Two

Joslynn turned the big 2 on December 27th, 2008

This is her reaction to her new doll. She had just received a doll for Christmas but for Joslynn you can never have too many dolls.
Tiffany and Justin gave her the dress. Joslynn is very must a girly girl.

Joye and Micah provided the birthday crown. Every princess should have one.
I hope her wishes come true. She is a sweetheart.
Abby, Joslynn, Jace, Zack, Matt, Jared

White Christmas

I remember growing up in Arizona truly dreaming of a white Christmas. Well the last two years
we've had more than our share. This is a picture in the afternoon but as you can see by our fence we got a lot of snow for Christmas. I must admit it does add to the atmosphere. Poor Rob spent a good share of the day shoveling. We're thinking we'll start asking for contributions for a snow plow fund.
We were really lucky to have Abby and Joslynn with us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It's always fun to have little ones in the house. Santa brought Abby a kitchen set and Joslynn a
doll crib and changing table.

Gerrick is a huge Seinfeld fan. In fact he says it's his religion. So he wanted Seinfeld
Scene It but he won't play with us because he says we don't know enough about Seinfeld.
So I'm not sure of the point of having the game --- but, oh well.
Gerrick gave Cameron this little vinyl sign. You have to understand that Gerrick is a Red Sox fan and Cameron is a huge Yankees fan so this was a really great sacrifice for Gerrick to give this to Cam.

It has been hard for Randon to be back home for Christmas this year. It's been a year of adjustment for him (to say the least). But we were so happy to have him home with us.

We'll mark it as another great Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Yeah, I know it's January but I have to get my Christmas pictures posted.
Sorry, but if you know me you know you're going to get most events a month or two after they happen. We had a great Christmas. We always have our big event on Christmas Eve.

First the Christmas penguin visited us. Doesn't everyone have a Christmas penguin?

Then it was time for Christmas Jammies.

Okay, are nativity was kind of a joke but I tried. The wisemen were
kind of stuck on themselves. They were more concerned about taking pictures
of themselves then they were in bring gifts to the baby Jesus.

Here was our Nativity cast.

Then it was time for games. We added twister this year. The guys did a game.
And the GrandkidsAnd then the girls.

And finally grandpa and grandma and the kids. I think I fell on one but no one was
to damaged by it. Actually I put these pictures on so you could all see our backsides.

Then the cousins opened their gifts to each other.

And finally our tradition - Spoons!!!
I'm so grateful for my family. They put up with me and our traditions every year. I don't know if anyone but the kids were thrilled with Twister, but they were all good sports about it.
Anyway it was a great time and I look forward to it every year and I think they do to.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Grandkids Christmas Party

For the last three years we have had a Christmas party for our grandchildren.
The idea is to let the parents go out for the night and let us have fun with the kids.
This year we started with a trip to McDonald's and then we decorated gingerbread houses.
Then we watched Horton Hears a Who. The kids weren't too interested in the movie but they had a great time running wild while the movie was on.

Jace and Zack watching just how to do it.

Joslynn had more fun eating the candy. Do you see the glint in her eye? That's our Joslynn!

Matt and Jace

Abby busy at work.

Jared and Matt

Grandpa gets in and helps.
I think Zack enjoyed the night.

Jared had a fun time too!

Abby showing off her design while Joslynn tries to get more candy.
The little ones ate while the older kids designed.

Jace and Zack

Matt and Jared

Joslynn, Abby, Jace, Zack, Matt and Jared

The party was a success!!!

Tree Decorating

Cameron, Kaylie and Abby did the honors of decorating our tree on Thanksgiving day weekend.


Kaylie and Abby

Cameron and Kaylie

Then Rob and Abby did their traditional Christmas waltz.

Well okay, maybe it will be a tradition but they're sure cute together.

And of course we can't forget the annual Watkins Christmas family rock concert
featuring Rob on vocals, Gerrick on drums, Randon on guitar and Abby on keyboard and dancing.
(Sorry couldn't get the sound to work but it's still fun to watch)